Trend 2012: Ocean Print

by - July 06, 2012

I have no idea if it's because it's summertime and summer always equals water and beaches but a prominent trend this year has been the ocean print.

Starfishes (no, not Patrick!) and seashells as well as blue and purple tones have been making their appearance in various designer collections for the spring.

Here are a few found from ! Click here for the actual post.

I especially love the second one because of how all the different textures mingle together but are bonded by the similar color palette. I also really dig the little feathery bits around the "bra" and the wave-like structures coming around the sides. Gorgeous.

I think that for this trend, it can go from something as simple to a pair of seashell earrings all the way to a glamorous printed dress. It also can tie into the watercolor-y effect that seems to be trendy right now too.

A chiffon maxi dress with the watercolor ocean print would probably be the epitome of summer.

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  1. wow, amazing pieces :) i also love the second one. it's something different and reminds me a little bit of all the wonderful corals.
    i wish they would sell more "underwater"-pieces in the stores :/

    xoxo Rebekah

    1. I agree! I feel like all the ocean themed pieces I see in stores are a little tacky or too obvious and absolutely nothing like the ones above...which makes me really sad!


  2. I love love love this trend! It's my favourite of SS2012!
    Too bad it's the hardest and more expensive to achieve (if you wanna look good).
    Love sea inspired jewellery..:)~~~

    1. Yes! It's definitely one of my favorites too and I think looking for pieces that are similar in quality and style to the ones I showed IS really difficult and expensive but I'm sure there are affordable options out there somewhere!

      I won't lose hope! :)



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