Fall 2012: Street Trends

by - July 05, 2012

At one point, colored pants were extremely trendy but I think the colors have become more of a pastel tone rather than the bright blues or reds that we've seen before. Even beyond that, boldly printed or patterned pants have started to pop into the fashion radar for this upcoming fall.

A colossal wave of fashionistas have gone around rocking this trend and showing us how to style them!

If you're interested in seeing what other trends Harper's Bazaar has deemed worthy for the article, check out this link right here: boop.

Sarah Rutson: Bold florals

Elin Kling: Graphic denim

Animal-esque ?

Olivia Palermo: Contrast prints

With a Cherry on the ... Bottom?

Bright pants

Personally, I think bold pants are fun to play with and it's a fresh breath of air compared to past trends that incorporated stuffier colors such as mustard yellows or muddy reds. Of course, with the colder months in Fall and Winter, patterned pants can be paired with black tops or jackets to not only balance out the outfit but also help neutralize it and make the pants the star of the show.

Some people might say that wearing bright printed bottoms AND a textured black top (i.e. fur, feathers, etc.) may be a little...tacky or over-the-top... but when worn correctly and having taken body proportions into account, it can be extremely stunning.

Fashion is all about experimenting anyway so if you think it looks awesome, then go with it!

The funny thing is that even though it may look strange to other people at first, pretty soon it'll become a trendy thing. That's why I admire other fashion bloggers and stylists who aren't afraid to dress a bit wacky.

Let me know what you guys think of this Fall trend. Is it something you're dying to wear or is it just not up your alley?

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  1. Love these pants! I am excited to see what comes out in stores!

    1. same! I'm a little sad for my wallet though, haha! :)



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