May/Summer Loves

by - May 10, 2012

It's still pretty early in the month but I'm anxiously awaiting the days where I can finally walk outside without a coat on. Not that the current weather reports are showing any signs of that...

Anyway, to cheer myself up (and you, too, if you just so happen to live in areas of crap weather!), I've created this mini collage of things I'm enjoying and things I plan on enjoying for the summer.

May Inspiration

1) top buns: where to begin!? I've been wearing my hair in a bun for the past few months because it's at an awkward length... and I'm waiting for it to grow! plus, it gives me an excuse to throw my bangs up, too. they're getting really unmanageable... {sigh}

2) blouses: of any material (chiffon, cotton, velvet, suede), but specifically the sleeveless ones. I own one with sleeves and for some reason, it just doesn't look quite right on me. But that's just fine. I get to show off my man arms.

3) sunglasses: I don't know how to describe the shape. The actual lenses are round but the frame is more.... pointed near the top outer edge? I'll do a mini post later about frames and face shapes!

4) leather handbags: this one isn't really just for may or for summer. I love leather handbags for year-round usage. they're luxurious and essentially waterproof. I can't wait until I can buy myself a Michael Kors one. oh but this one is from Zara (it's gotten quite popular lately).

5) sneakers: high tops! the glory. I used to be obsessed with these. I've recently gotten back into them because of all these Korean idols and their hip Korean fashion. {lol}

6) sports bras doubling as mini tank tops: the long title says it all. I can't wear bandeaus for the same reason I won't wear strapless dresses; the never ending fear that one day it will just slip off...

7) pink hair: I don't plan on dying my hair pink any time soon (or ever) but I've just been really into seeing pink hair... especially light pink. It's so cute!

8) large sun hats: I never used to care about getting a little tan. I don't get sunburnt so it was never a big deal but now I'm pretty afraid to go outside without a little coverage. These big hats are so fun. and functional! which I love. it's like mobile shade.

9) muscle tees: literally obsessed. I've been collecting more and more muscle tees but I still can't get enough of them! Perfect for the hot weather but I'm hoping to layer sweaters and get use out of them for the winter months, too!

10) fuzzy/feathery skirts: actually, this works for shirts too. I've been kind of interested in more 3D textured clothing since most of mine are solid colored or not very exciting. Plus, it's fun to touch.

11) collars: this is one of the biggest trends I know right now. I've seen fashion and beauty gurus alike sporting a variety of collars (removable and unremovable) (studded and not studded). I personally prefer wearing these under sweaters!

12) giraffe print: hmm. Not much to say about this. It's a chic way to incorporate animal print. Lately, leopard and cheetah print has looked a little too tacky for me. In small increments, it's okay but... giraffe print is so much nicer looking.

13) polka dot tights: the sheer kind.

14) wrap bracelets: I don't ever wear bracelets but I like the look.

15) floral sneakers: These are Keds. I love the color combination; very girly and playful. I'd probably pair this with something edgier but these shoes are more versatile than you'd think. A white t-shirt, pastel lavender skirt, leather jacket, plus these babies and you're all set for a date, a hangout, or even a picnic!

If you want to know specifics about each item, please visit my polyvore!

I will also be posting up that list of shoes I dislike, soon. I pinky swear! So please look out for that (:

Until next we meet,
{kissy faces}

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