Shoes I Can't Stand

by - May 11, 2012

I love a lot of shoes, if that isn't already obvious. But some shoes really irk me.
Sometimes it's the shape, sometimes it's the height...

Jeffrey Campbell "Coltrane" $184.95

The shape of the shoe near the toe area bugs me. It's too round and too bulky. I'm not feeling the color combo either. I think if the front side parts had cut outs too, it would look much better.

To Be Announced "Bound" $159.95

The color of the shoe is horrendously cheap looking. But that's pretty much all I dislike about it.

To Be Announced "Whips" $299.95

I'm not the biggest fan of cowboy boots because I find that there's a fuzzy line between cute and rodeo-esque. The studs kind of just...killed it.

Substitute "Floam" $129.95

There is nothing more that I hate than a pair of shoes that remind me of hookers. But that's not really even the issue here. I just can't stand this overwhelming excessive height. The heel is a block because it's more of a flatform than a wedge. It just looks very odd to me.

Underground "Quad Shoe" $274.95

Same deal as the previous one. Creepers are okay. I don't think I'd ever wear them but they do look good on some people. The problem I have with this is that the height is at an awkward place...not too tall but it's not that short either.

See by Chloe "SB18070" $194.95

I hate these shoes. I hate them a lot. I'm okay with espadrilles in wedge form, occasionally. But these just look cheap and raggedy.

Fendi "Bow Slide Sandal" $475

I love the color combo and the bow but I can't stand the sandal shape. These types of sandals just... ack.

Manolo Blahnik "Irie" $645

The first thing I noticed was the heel shape. It's almost... curvy? I hate that. Second, I really don't like the combination of slingback and pointy toed...This shoe just screams prim and proper and it's just not my thing.

Ivanka Trump "Aida" $134.95

Color is okay for summer. Again, the pointy toe. And kitten heels just bother me. The shoe itself looks pretty stiff too. Ouchies.

Attilio Giusti Leombruni "Platform Slide" $365

I don't even know how to describe why I dislike this shoe. The shoe is a little too wide and the straps are too wide. I think this type of shoe would only end up "fattening" the size of your foot.

Minnetonka "Concho Feather" $49.95

I don't have anything against Minnetonka moccasins but this is just really ugly. {lol} There's no shape to this shoe. It really just looks like a suede pillow case for your feet.

Paloma Barcelo "Sandal" $249.95

The straps are too busy (the design) and they look like they would hurt to wear. Like it would rub against your foot the wrong way. Second, the colors are all over the place and I don't think they're very complementary. It's just too much.

Now, I don't hate all shoes that have those certain qualities.

Kate Spade New York "Ginger" $345

This is one example. I love the shape of the shoe and the heel. Suede is always amazing and the color combination is beautiful. I normally don't like overly strappy shoes but this works. The criss-crossing is done more near the front of the foot and the size of the straps are good.

Jimmy Choo "Vega" $525

Again, this is totally okay. I would love to own this shoe even though the toe is a bit on the pointy side and the heel is a bit short. It's just enough to be classy and not short enough to be considered a kitten heel. The front is pointy but it has a rounder quality. The leather also tones it down a bit. If it were patent, I might have other thoughts.

Jeffrey Campbell "Homg" Sneaker $64.95

This is also acceptable. The height is in that middle area but I think because it's a high top sneaker, and one solid color, it doesn't feel quite as strange. Rather, I think worn with black bottoms it would elongate the leg.

What do you guys think? What types of shoes would you die being seen in?

Until next time,
{kiss kiss}

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