Lavender Glory

by - April 11, 2012

I was on, which is basically similar to Hautelook but they tend to sell more expensive higher end items. I find that it's quite difficult to actually buy anything because the prices range in the hundreds, most of the time. But I do enjoy browsing through their inventory.

And you know what I found? The most perfect pair of sandals. I cannot even explain how beautiful these shoes are. I almost want to weep at the fact that I cannot afford these!

Butter: Abalone Thong Sandal $99 instead of retail $235

Oh, I just want to mention, in case you're new to the site, the link above may not work anymore depending on when you're reading this post. Once the items are sold out, they're gone!

Suede may not be the most ideal material for a spring/summer shoe but I actually find that it adds to the luxurious feel. The skinnier "thong" strap also accentuates the foot and is more elegant and chic than a thicker strap. It's much of the foot this sandal reveals. And the color? To die for. I have no idea how to label this soft yet bright shade of purple/pink but I'd go so far as to say it's a hybrid between magenta and lavender.


If only I had an extra $98 to spend on these babies.

But college bills need to be paid and textbooks need to be purchased...Hahaha!

Anyway, check out the shoes and buy them before they're sold out (many of the sizes are already gone)! Let me know what you think about them. Like? Dislike?

Until next time my wonderful fashion lovers,
{kissy faces}

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