Flatforms Galore

by - April 12, 2012

When wedges and platforms make babies, flatforms are born!

Lately, I have been completely obsessed with flatforms; they are perfect in every sense. For short people like me, it's the best option. I can get the height I want without the killer foot pains. They're like flats on steroids. Now, for all you fellow shoe lovers, I know that there are ways to make heels feel comfortable and there is a special kind of empowerment that goes along with wearing those 4 to 5 inch feet assassins BUT I'd take flatforms and wedges over heels any day.

For me, comfort has higher precedence over beauty. If I don't feel good, I won't look good. How can you confidently walk down that bumpy sidewalk without fearing that your skinny little heel will get stuck in one of those god forsaken cracks?? I certainly can't. And with that fear, how can I possible exude any confidence?

In terms of trends, I have no idea if flatforms are super popular. I've seen them at H&M and I'm sure there are other variations available elsewhere. But actually, the first time I tried a pair on, I was at a DSW in some tiny plaza. They were from Big Buddha, suede inside and out, and they just rolled across the ground. Completely easy to walk in. It was unbelievable. I fell hopelessly in love.


ASOS peep toe shoes
$90 - asos.com

Black shoes
$40 - torrid.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors suede wedge
$135 - bloomingdales.com

ASOS flatform shoes
$72 - asos.com

Won Hundred flatform shoes
$270 - solestruck.com

source: weheartit.com, http://honestlywtf.com/cool-hunting/flat-formation/

I honestly think these types of shoes would look amazing with anything. Peplum skirts, maxi dresses, crop tops, floral dresses, silver jewelry, gold jewelry, who cares?? They come in a ton of colors and heights and designs. I just...love them.

What do you think about them? Tacky? Weird? Let me know!

Until next time mon cherie,
{kiss kiss}

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