Paper Thin

by - April 13, 2012

I came across this picture on Tumblr, maybe a month or two ago. I actually already noticed this trend from a while back thanks to a Youtuber I follow.

These thinner-than-air rings exude delicacy and femininity but can be edgier depending on how you wear it. Like the picture below, some are worn closer to the top of the finger and worn in conjunction with other rings. I wouldn't categorize it as layering; it's almost...more sophisticated than that.

Either way, I am totally in love with this look.

Ideally, I would wear it with red nail polish (just like the picture) because red is classy and I just enjoy it. A lot. Throw on a silky smooth high-low chiffon skirt with a sleeveless button up shirt and a lace bandeau! Put a bow tie on if you're feelin' funky. Don't forget to wear your favorite flatforms (or just flats if you swing that way). Not into the high-low skirt trend? Heck. A nice pair of dark wash skinny jeans, brown suede ankle booties, and your most prized band tee and you'll still have heads turning your way! I promise.


Fashion trends will always be hit or miss because everyone's tastes are completely different. At one point, I was obsessed with chunky statement rings but now I find them too bulky and bothersome. Sometimes, they're unbelievably tacky. I try them on and I feel like a 90-cents-worth hoochie mama/golddigger. I don't know!

These skinny rings are the exact opposite! And you know what? I bet in a few months, I'll start thinking they're weird looking or too dainty to wear. Bazooka! Why does that even happen.

Comment below! I want to hear what you guys think.

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