Go-To Airport Essentials: Outfit + Carry-On

by - February 25, 2017

Happy Saturday, guys!

It's finally bright and sunny here, I almost can't believe it. Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? Share them down below! Today, I'm showing you my go-to airport outfit and my absolute essentials. My top priority is comfort but I also want to make sure I don't look too sloppy, in case I need to go anywhere right after the flight.

I've traveled a lot in my lifetime and I've learned that the most important things you can bring are things that will keep you hydrated. If you're on a long haul flight, remember to drink lots of water and don't be afraid to slap on a face mask! The air can be so drying and by the end, you feel like a dried up tomato. A face mask or any kind of hydrating lotion will help freshen up your face.

My trick to looking a little more awake without wearing a lot of makeup is to bring a bright lipstick. Works every time!

1. Ribbed Side Slit Cardigan from Loft (click here)

2. Modern Tie-Up Tee from Madewell (click here)

3. Body Shaping Leggings from Zara (click here)

4. Nike Juvenate sneakers in Bright Melon (click here)

5. Pull&Bear Mini Backpack from Asos (click here)

Layering is so crucial. Often, I find myself either really warm or really cold in the airport and on the plane so wearing multiple layers allows me to control how hot or cold I get. Plus, you get the added bonus of looking like you didn't roll out of bed and actually tried to appear decent.

My favorite outfit consists of a T-shirt, cozy cardigan, and leggings. I know. A lot of people have a love-hate relationship with leggings. I think they're fantastic. It stretches with you and keeps you warm. Wearing a longer cardigan to cover the crotch and the buttocks also makes the outfit a little classier. You can choose to wear a fun T-shirt with graphics or patterns or opt for this Madewell one with the tie in the front.

The little details matter! Notice the leggings have zippers on the front. The texture of the cardigan. Even the bag that you bring can add a little something extra. The one that I included is a leather-like backpack with a pink pom (also bc I'm obsessed with poms).

Finally, since everything is in a neutral color, it never hurts to wear a brightly colored pair of sneakers. Comfortable for walking but very stylish.


1. Carmex (click here)

2. e.l.f. Shine Eraser (click here)

3. Laneige Water Mask (click here)

4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Nude (click here)

5. Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion (click here)

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  1. Loved your selection! Layering is reeeally important, I couldn't agree more :D

  2. nice post! thankyou for sharing


  3. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. Great tips! I really do need to remember the layering tip in the future. The last time I was on a plane, I was FREEZING. I was also pretty dang exhausted, coming back from England without having slept on the plane. Sigh.


    1. Omg Lauren, yes! Remember to layer!! For me, it's always either really cold on the plane or it gets really stuffy and it sucks when you don't have the flexibility to adapt to those situations.

  5. Very good!
    What you think about follow each other? :) Follow me, let me know and I follow you.

  6. Loving this list! Would definitely try wearing a cardigan next. We're stuck to using thin cotton trench coats! They're chic and very comfortable! Thanks for sharing this dear <3



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