From Runway to Real Life: Part 2

by - December 12, 2015

We're back with the second part of the Runway to Real Life series. They're personally one of my favorite posts to do because it challenges my styling abilities, coming up with wearable outfits that still embody the trends. Let me know which one below is your favorite and how you would style things differently!

All of these are based on looks from Spring 2016 shows. I know it's only December but since the designs are out, I thought I'd give you guys a head start on freshening up your wardrobe for the upcoming year :) Enjoy!


Alexander Wang Inspired

From left to right, I created a chic version of the runway design with the black leather jacket, denim midi skirt, and a fishnet white top, finished with strappy black heels to match the similar vibe of the shoes shown. Then I went with a more luxurious feel, using a velvet bomber jacket, beige turtleneck, and a tighter fitted skirt. Instead of a brown belt, I chose a watch with a brown leather strap. Finally, I decided to go with a sporty, laid-back look with a classic sport jacket, a shimmery T-shirt to offset the casual vibes, and a modern A-line denim skirt with sneaker wedges.

Emilio Pucci Inspired

The key thing to remember is that these are all INSPIRATIONS! The fun part isn't replicating the look but recreating it to fit your own style. So here, I've taken elements like the pops of red, the sequins, and the white pants to develop 3 outfits: classy office, modern chill, and glam.

Iro Inspired

First up, we have a contemporary look, followed by a more feminine outfit. Finally, I added a bit of a twist to the last one, with a caged neckline rather than a lace-up and paired it with floral pants instead of a skirt. It's a bolder look, definitely more suitable for the club or a night out!

Marissa Webb Inspired

This is personally my favorite one. I've put together a look using similar colors but without the vest to keep it light for spring. Then I decided to create an outfit that appears the most similar to the designer's. Finally, I thought I'd include a look that is best worn when it's still a bit chilly outside. I think army green and light pink is such an unexpected combo but super pretty for spring!

There you have it! Which one was your fave?? Leave it down below!

Bye for now,

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  1. What a brilliant idea! I love how you've created 'inspired' looks and not simply alternative prices of the same items. I really love your chosen outfits for the third look :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Hi Gabrielle! So glad you liked this post :) The third look is definitely the "darkest" in terms of spring looks but I personally love black on black all year round!

  2. Oh great post, cute picks
    Happy Holidays~

  3. Wha, I love this idea! Runway outfits usually look way too glamorous to wear in real life, but these outfits are look much more everyday. Must've taken a long time curating these looks, but the inspiration is definitely worth it haha. Great post!

    How To Be More Like Lauren

    1. I agree! As much as I love looking at runway designs, they are sometimes a bit too exaggerated. Thanks again for commenting :)

  4. Wow! So many gorgeous outfits to choose from. Great selection you've put together X



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