Gifts Under $20: For the empty wallets

by - December 01, 2015

I recently did some shopping on Cyber Monday and realized how difficult it was to shop for gifts on a budget, especially when you're buying for people who already have everything!! Not only that, buying gifts in general is a daunting task because people tend to be picky about what they like (we are human after all). Anyway, I thought I'd lend a helping hand by digging around for sweet bargains that will make everyone happy this holiday season :)

Let me know: what's the best present you've given to someone??



#1) Hoes Hoes Hoes Sweatshirt $19.90 (Originally $34.90)
#2) Wheel of Shots Game $15
#3) Build Your Own Batmobile $12.54
#4) PF Candle Co. Travel Jar $12
#5) Sriracha To Go Keychain $8
#6) How to Swear Around the World Book $16.11


#1) Heart Fairisle Hot Water Bottle $18.81
#2) Graphic Sleep Mask $5.97 (Originally $9.95)
#3) Diament Jewelry Initial Keychain $10
#4) Elegant Touch Xmas Nails $12.52
#5) New is the New New Sweatshirt $19.90 (Originally $32.90)
#6) Magical Thinking Pyramid Mirror Box $18
#7) Emotional Baggage Tote $9.90 (Originally $19.90)
#8) Kittea Tea Infuser $14


#1) Flannel Flask $12.50
#2) Maki Tack Set $8
#3) The Mindfulness Coloring Book $9.95
#4) Fabric Card Holder $9.50
#5) Mini Rectangular Luggage Tag $10 (Extra $10 for Monogramming)
#6) Sober Mug $15.90

I tried to include fun gifts but of course, there are other cute things you can buy for under $20 like socks, scarves, gloves, wallets, etc. I think books also make a nice gift, especially inspirational ones or specialized subjects for those eager to learn something new.

Is there any other gift guides you'd like to see? Leave it below!

Bye for now,

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  1. Hi Jenn, it's true it isn't easy to shop for other people as they can be choosy... it's usually the thoughtful gifts than mean the most... at least for me.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog xox ♡

    1. Hi Launna, you're right. I love giving people sentimental gifts but sometimes a wacky gift now and then doesn't hurt as well :)

  2. Super cute, I love posts like this because they really do help with shopping. Love that hot water bottle cozy !

    1. Thanks Emily! I'm the same guides make it so much easier to shop for other people when I've run out of ideas!

  3. Love these ideas! I am a baller on a budget so this was so helpful!
    Miss Olivia Says

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, Olivia! Happy shopping :)

  4. Lovely gifts, love your choice. ^^
    Have a nice weekend...

  5. Great ideas! I know a few people who need the mug
    Diana |

  6. Lovely ideas! We always give small gifts in our family, rather than big expensive ones. There's so many of us it would be ridiculous otherwise! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. I love getting small gifts over big expensive ones! It always feels more lighthearted and appropriate for the holidays, at least to me :)

  7. The ideas are so good and especially everything with plaid is my fav :)
    Many thanks for kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. Love these ideas!! That water bottle is so adorable!:) X

    1. I know, I am so in love with sweater/knit patterns over anything!

  9. Amazing affordable ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. Going to check out a few items that spark my interest right now (;

  10. I always end up buying at least one silly gift for everyone for Christmas! These gift ideas are awesome, love the hot water bottle and kittea tea infuser!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  11. Great ideas. Love fun and inexpensive gifts like these ideas!

  12. Fantastic ideas! That maki tack set is too cute and I want that batmobile myself! ;))

    1. The batmobile is so much fun...for the kids OR for the kid in you :)!

  13. Haha, most of us are picky indeed! That's why I like to pick out practical gifts like good quality brushes for a makeup lover (nobody complains about too many brushes!) or candles that can be cleaned out and used as containers later.

    I saw that Sriracha to Go keychain and was so tempted to get it, haha. Also that Hoes Hoes Hoes sweater gave me a good chuckle!

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. I agree! I love the idea of reusing candle containers....they can be super pretty before and after the candle is done burning! And omg I know..the Sriracha keychain...I've been eyeing that for a while. Perfect for any hot sauce lover :)

  14. Loving all the great ideas you have! I am so picky with presents but I think every single one of my friends would love to learn how to swear around the world! Hahaha!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. Hahahah! I know a few of my friends who would love that book as well :)


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