Casual Fridays: How Much Casual Is Too Much?

by - March 30, 2015

Casual Fridays

I know. It's only Monday and I'm already thinking about Friday but don't tell me you aren't thinking it too! So let's talk about Casual Fridays and what to wear if you're having trouble mixing work and play.

Now if you work in a corporate environment, the dress code can be strict to enforce formality within the workplace. If you work in a more creative setting, the dress code can be loosened to adapt to the individuality of its employees. Some companies will allow you to ditch the tie and heels on what is known as Casual Fridays. For others, everyday is Casual Friday.

So how do you incorporate work-friendly pieces with laid-back vibes?

In the interest of welcoming spring (whenever that may be in New England), I have decided to play around with a pastel color palette and lighter fabrics. My main focus for this post is the blouse. It's a key player in professional wear because with the right cut, it can flatter most body types. The blouse is also comfortable when flowy and can easily adapt itself to other styles. So whether you're wearing it for work, drinks, or a chill lunch date, the blouse will get the job done.

On the left, I paired a sleeveless layered blouse with standard khaki tailored pants to maintain comfort but still emit a professional tone. To jazz it up, I added some oxfords with a bit of shine but can be switched out for colorful floral heels after work. This really helps add dimension to an otherwise plain outfit. To keep a balance with the bold colors, I opted for a grey handbag with gold hardware that screams "I am serious business". For makeup, neutral eyes with a bold lip to match the heels will pull the entire look together.

On the right, I created a more feminine outfit but with similar elements from the other ensemble. The wide skirt adds enough length to make it work-appropriate but the light floral pattern gives it more character. To let the outfit speak for itself, I chose neutral colored heels, which also helps with lengthening the legs. Because there is quite a bit of volume in the lower half, I added a cropped fitted blazer to streamline the top half. From there, it was about adding little touches of warmth with the rose gold watch and mauve pink lipstick.

The key to dressing for a more casual work environment is to incorporate at least one tailored item into the outfit. It could be heels, a blazer, a peplum top, pants, skirt, whatever. As long as you have a piece with some structure to it, the whole outfit elevates to being professionally acceptable. From there you can play with adding color, texture, print, or layers to bring out your personal style.

What is YOUR go-to outfit for Casual Fridays? If you don't work at a company that has Casual Fridays, what do you wear to work? Let me know down below!


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  1. Lovely shoes in This photo!

    1. Thank you! They're my favorite part of the outfit!

  2. More power to you and your blog – you look fab!


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