Miscellaneous Life Update

by - October 02, 2012

Ahhhh. Why is this becoming my life blog?

Same old story. Busy with school. Work. and sleeping, obviously. I just haven't had any time to update. I feel so behind with everything and it's stressing me out. But!

I just added some magazine clippings to my dorm wall, which makes everything a little better, especially since one of them has llamas in it. or alpacas. I can't really tell. Either way.

Recently, for a group project, we did a window display for Goodwill. Admittedly, that's a pretty awesome thing to be able to say. Not sure if I'd ever have a career in visual merchandising but it was an experience, at least.

I also turned 21. Celebratory moment in my life. Except not, because I had work that evening.

I have a shirt with a bunny on it. Rabbit?

Another project for my visual class! This picture doesn't show the completed look but close enough. Yayyy for shoes and word puns.

Asian birthday cake! Because it's impossible to eat anything else on your birthday...

The best shirt ever. EVER.

I hope your week has been going amazingly! I'm getting sadder and sadder as the weather gets progressively colder. But no fear! This is the perfect excuse to go out and buy tons of boots :)

Let me know down below your favorite boot trend/boot you own!

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  1. I LOVE your life updates, I get so sad when I don't see posts from you! Isn't visuals so much fun? You should consider it! By the way (since we're getting the same major), I'm just curious, do you know what you want to do with fashion? Also, that "solemate" project is hilariously adorable.

  2. Love the cut outs on the wall! So inspiring! :)


    1. I love them too! They just give so much life to my previously empty wall...it was seriously sad how blank it was :(

  3. Great post! Love those wall clippings. I hope you had a lovely birthday xx


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