Lana for H&M

by - August 03, 2012

H&M revealed that their new face for the fall campaign is Lana Del Rey!

Nylonmag only shows a couple of pictures of her sporting a mohair sweater and skinny jeans, both in a lovely peach color. Her hair has a bee-hive-esque look with the extra volume at the crown but is worn down.

Full article.

The images are supposed to scream "L.A. noir", according to Donald Schneider, the creative director. Along with this, Lana will be releasing a version of "Blue Velvet" on H&M's Youtube channel so look out for that!

Other than the fact that I love H&M, the reason I even made this short post was to point out the mohair sweater. I have been dying for one because they look ridiculously soft and perfect for fall! Is it a trend? No idea but it could become a staple in my closet, paired with some classic skinny jeans and black flats. Super love.

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