10 Seriously Riveting Facts About Myself.

by - August 04, 2012

My very first post on this blog mentioned a few things about who I was and yadda yadda, all that good stuff. But, that's just the small talk bit of my life.

98% of this blog consists of my opinions on fashion trends, wishlists, shoes, and styling tips but I almost never post pictures of myself or write about personal happenings because those are mainly reserved for my Tumblr (which I am more than happy to share with you guys! just leave me a comment!).

I wanted this blog to be presentable and not so informal. That and my OCD just kind of kicks into gear if I even try to post anything that has no relation to fashion.


I'm totally done with this mini rant {yay} !

1. I have a soft spot for Twizzlers~ They taste so yummy and who doesn't like pretending they're straws...

2. Even though I've had glasses since the 4th grade, I'll never switch to contacts because sticking anything into that part of my body is just hellllll no.

3. I have a beauty mark on the palm of my right hand but someone once thought it was a chocolate stain. Talk about an awkward situation.

4. Favorite nail polish to put on my toes is a coralish color with gold glitter by Victoria's Secret but I can't for the life of all humanity remember what it's called.

5. My nostrils flare when I'm concentrating. Sometimes, I don't even realize it until I feel my nose relaxing back to it's original form.

6. For the longest time, I thought I was part Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Chinese but turns out, I'm just Chinese... Hooplah!

7. Never been on a sports team but soccer is cool.

8. I talk/mutter to myself out loud when I'm shopping.

9. Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Best TV shows ever.

10. I'm deathly afraid of animals but I want a kitten or puppy when I get old enough to have my own house.


That's all I got for today. Sorry that it's not a fashion related post. I promiseee there will be one up soon :)

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Until next time,
{chuu chuu chuu}

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