Alexander McQueen: Menswear/Milan/Spring/Summer 2013

by - July 10, 2012

Vogue has already begun posting looks for next year's Spring/Summer collections and one of the best ones (in my humble opinion) is Alexander McQueen's.

Of course.

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I spy with my little eye, some mixing of textures.

The shoes are (I assume) suede while the suit has a sheen to it. It might be satin but I'm not entirely sure. Also notice that the entire look is within the same color family but the tie has a pattern to it as well as the socks!

The length and cut of the trousers seem to be quite straight and it hits near the ankle, allowing the socks to be seen. Quite...playful?

But the earthy suede shoes bring it all back, despite the fact that the glossiness of the suit can be borderline over the top, especially in that bright bronzed salmon color.

While I'm not the biggest fan of the cut of those pants, I find the flower accent as well as the polka dot belt very cute and silly but it fits well with the coloring of the suit. Again, playing with textures but in a subtle way.

This I find very...fascinating. The contrast of the pattern on the tie and suit are surprisingly appropriate. The one on the tie is much cleaner while the suit is slightly duller but because the vest and top's colors are taken directly from the colors in the tie, it makes the model look like he knows what he's wearing. Like it was intentional.

By far, my favorite look.

It takes playing with textures to a whole other level.

Like, video games level 100 with a sword bonus. That's how much I love this and how much I think the styling for this was perfect.

Even though it looks a little busy with all the patterns floating around, it works. Why? The colors. The coloring is so basic and simple and the pattern itself isn't tacky or strange. It's condensed. The dots on the pants are micro-sized, the shoes are absolutely lovely, and that little white handkerchief is the cherry on top.

That little bit of solid color helps balance the outfit, which is amazing that something so small could play such a big role.


Okay, tell me you don't like that print/pattern on the jacket.

It's freaking adorable!

I don't know how many guys in my life would actually wear anything like that but the concept of the design is worth showing you guys, at least.

It's whimsical, simple, and eye-catching. I actually think this would be nice if there was a female version of it. I could definitely see myself wearing a cropped blazer with that dragonfly (?) print, a white t-shirt, and a coral maxi skirt.

There were pieces in the collection that I didn't care for and some were just odd. Check out the rest of the collection and let me know what you thought about the ones I chose as my favorites!

Did you like them as well? :)

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