Best Hair & Beauty: Autumn/Winter 2012-13 Couture

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I came across a few things that caught my eye, such as the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer collection for 2013 and the new Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon (both of which I will delve upon in later posts) but today, I decided to talk about something not directly about clothing.

Makeup and hair are essential elements of any runway show.

Vogue picked out some of their favorite hair and beauty styles seen in the Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Couture collections. Out of those, I will personally choose a few that I felt were the most impressive and just talk a little bit about how to recreate the look and make it more wearable/trendy!

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Giambattista Valli

Aside from the whole fantasy forest-like look they were going for, one of my favorite parts about this look is the coloring of the butterfly. I love that it isn't one solid color; there's also a bit of a shimmery effect to it.

The netting scared me a little when I first saw it but it reminds me of a princess being trapped or some kind of wired wall. So intriguing.

So how on earth do you take something like that and bring it to the real world?

I think this look can be achieved with a side braid or some type of braid to mimic the netting and then using very tiny butterfly pins to scatter around the braid. It might also be possible to find small butterfly...molds? Those fake butterflies. Well hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about. But those will look a little more realistic and less childish than butterfly clips. Take them, hot glue gun a bobby pin, and voila!



I remember a million years ago, wearing blue eyeshadow, bright red cheeks, and pink lips were cool. I don't know if it was just part of my culture or what but according to my mom, it was "pretty". I thought to can that ever be pretty?

Well, Chanel, congrats! Because I absolutely love this look.

Probably the biggest factor is how pastel the colors are and basically just how toned out the whole look is. The model looks like a total princess. I can't stand how much I love it.

If you're wondering, she's wearing Chanel's Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Initial!

How to recreate? Well, I suggest using a small fluffy brush and taking a bit of light blue eyeshadow and dusting that on the entire lid under the crease. Use a lighter shade or something silver-toned and pop that right in the inner corners. Then take a gunmetal or mauve-ish color and lightly blend that in the outer corners.

For the blush, just gently blend it inward, not upward. Finish with a light mauve/pink lipstick!



There was a trend a while back that involved painting a half-moon shape on the inner bit of the nail. Almost like an inverted french tip.

Well this is pretty interesting because it's somewhat like that trend but closer to the shape of a U. It omits everything but the tip. What I love about this is that it gives the illusion of smaller nails.

The color combo they used was also really sleek; the silver kind of pulled the whole thing into a futuristic feel.

There are two ways to recreate this! Numero uno: painting the entire nail pink and the using a nail pen/brush/eyeliner brush to paint a silver border, but leaving the tip of the nail open.

OR you can paint the entire nail silver and use a normal nail polish brush to paint the pink nail shape/rectangle shape inside the silver.


Giorgio Armani Prive

The vocal point of this look is the veil and basically all of the models in the Armani Prive collection sported something along the lines of this sharp and dark appearance.

I love that the veil has this smooth and sheer texture that almost makes it invisible, if not for the color. The beads just elevate this look; it's perfect.

By wearing such an accessory, the model becomes more mysterious and kind of sacred.

Honestly, it'd be a little challenging to apply this look in real life because most would assume you've just walked out of a funeral or some sort. I suggest taking the idea of the sequins and wearing it in headband form but making sure that whatever the sequins are attached to have a similar sheerness as the veil.

A cute way to wear it would be to place the fabric on the back of your neck with the each end held in each hand and then pulling both ends up to the top of your head and tying a knot. If the sequins are attached on the side, it'll look super adorable!

And that's all I've got for today! I sincerely wish you all well and fingers crossed that you liked this post :)

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