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I'm sure at one point, clogs and mules were really popular but sometimes they can come off looking a bit oldies.

Certain brands have taken the essence of a clog and adapted it to modern shoes, making them much more wearable and eye-catching.

Personally, I really love how clog-like shoes look, especially with maxi skirts. It gives it a bohemian vibe that can be mixed with a grungy punk style depending on how you accessorize. The combination just screams "carefree" to me.

Here are a few examples I've found and as always, they will range in price! The price that is listed below is retail price but a few of the shoes are currently on sale and can be found (sometimes) for a lower price based on where you buy them.

Jeffrey Campbell 'Charli C" $124.95

What to wear: Since this shoe is a brown suede and is closed-toed, I would recommend wearing a soft turquoise colored high-low skirt. Wearing a maxi skirt would cover too much of the shoe and could shorten your appearance. Wearing a high-low skirt means showcasing the front and back of the shoe and can lengthen the legs.

Steve Madden "Oaklee Cognac Leather" $99.95

What to wear: The shoe is quite chunky but it isn't a closed-toed shoe, like the first one. You could wear a maxi skirt, high-low skirt, a short flowy dress (one that flows straight from the shoulders), or a bodycon dress. Since it's chunky at the feet, wearing a bodycon (in black) or a shorter flowy dress can slim the upper body, balancing the outfit.

Steve Madden "Oliviia Coral Leather" $129.95

What to wear: The straps are much slimmer than the previous shoe and it's open toed! This shape of the shoe is much closer to a flatform than the rest. This type of shoe will go with most outfits but I recommend something that compliments the color. If you're colorblocking, a blue tone top/dress/bottom will be perfect!

Ecote "Leather and Wood Croc-Embossed Heel" $79

What to wear: Because this shoe looks like a flatform but has a small heel, it gives off a very innocent feel, especially in the white/nude color. Also, note that the straps have texture. Since the color is muted and the pattern is also subtle, I think playing around with patterns on the clothing will make it interesting. A pink floral flowy mini skirt and a crop top that hits the band of the skirt will look really cute with these shoes!

Kimchi Blue "Suede Chunky Wood Heel" $79

What to wear: The straps criss-cross in the front and the very tip of the shoe is square/flattened instead of round. Because of this, it would be an appropriate night time shoe. Since there's a platform, it would also be comfortable to walk in (theoretically). A plain black bodycon skirt/dress would work well. Wearing black tights would also make your legs look super long but I only recommend this if you're going for an all-black ensemble. I also don't think anything voluminous in the bottom half would look right with these shoes.

Hopefully this post helped and if you have any other ideas, please share them with me :)!

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  1. love the last ones!Would you like to follow each other?

    1. i'm glad you liked them! and yes of course !


  2. I personally love really high heeled clogs, like the first ones..okay now I just started wanting them so bad...!
    Great post! :)

    Kisses, Meri

    1. Oh really? I think they look stunning and can make legs look miles long but I prefer lower heeled shoes because they're comfy :)

      Awww! Go out and buy some, girl! :D

      And thank youu!! I'm really happy you liked the post.


  3. Oo I love a clumpy wooden sole, these are great pics. I have a fab pair of wooden flatforms, only problem is they can be pretty noisy on wooden floors which is a little embarassing!

    Sophie x

    1. Ah, I totally know what you mean! I have a pair of boots with a wooden heel and it can be kind of attention attracting when I walk into class!



  4. I have always been perturbed on how to choose a perfect pair of wooden clogs, reading this informative post has been of great help to me. Thanks a lot for sharing it.


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