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by - June 08, 2012

As summer rolls around, more and more graduates, college students, and high school students are scrambling to look for jobs. While appropriately dressing for the interview is important, first impressions are equally, if not more, crucial.

Going into a store or a company to ask about job opportunities and openings may be the first instance of contact between you and a potential employer. Another instance comes from handing in the application. Sometimes you won't even have a chance to meet them until they contact you for an interview because a growing number of companies are switching to online applications.

I always recommend going to see them in person because they can't see who you are just from an online application.

Dressing nicely, cleanly, and appearing well-groomed will give the employer the impression that you are serious about the job.

Below are some outfits I put together as reference. Depending on the type of job, I don't think it's a bad idea to dress true to your own style but keep in mind that it would be a good idea to maintain a streamlined image.

First Impressions

In order for the employer to remember you (assuming there are many job applicants), wear something (accessory-wise) that sparks interest! This can be a subtle necklace with a unique pendant or a pair of earrings that represent some type of hobby (i.e. anchor studs, studs in the shape of heels) but nothing tacky or childish.

Iron your clothes the night before and polish your shoes! Don't wear too much perfume, as it can offend the other person.

Keep nails clean or painted in a neutral color.

Makeup should also be very natural but bring out your best features.

If you're bringing in an application, make sure the papers are crisp and not wrinkled or smudged.

I also recommend carrying around your resume and a list of references.

My last tip would be to just have confidence in yourself! If you look like you know what you want and what you're doing, the employer will recognize it.

I'm not an expert at how to dress for these kinds of situations but these are just my own personal tips so take it with a grain of salt!

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