Past My Prime: Prom Dresses

by - May 29, 2012

It's prom season! Although I'm no longer in high school and no longer have the opportunity to attend this event, I know plenty of other people who are still attending prom this year. Even if you aren't going to prom, these dresses will be great for any formal occasion.

Chiffon is probably the best material for a prom dress because you'll be dancing and the temperature will rise indefinitely. Why spend so much money on a dress that will suffocate you and cook you to death under its heavy satin fabric wrath when you can spend (maybe) less on a lightweight dress? Chiffon moves nicely and drapes over the right areas.

Another good thing is that it won't shine (learned from personal experience) in pictures and make certain areas look... unflattering. Last but not least, you can always re-wear it! Satin dresses and other materials are hard to pull off in a casual setting but chiffon dresses are in for this summer! So there shouldn't be any worries about finding the right time to wear your prom dress again and you won't have to cry over the fact that you had to stuff it in the back of your closet, never to be seen again.

Prom Season

Prom dresses now come in a wider selection and people are getting increasingly more creative. I definitely suggest trying the dress on in advance before buying and take a picture as well, to see how the dress looks in photos. A dress that looks good in person may look terrible photographed so beware!

Accessories will depend on your own personal taste but I think going simple and comfortable will be best!

Lastly, here are some things I'd recommend bringing!

1. Chapstick/lip balm: Just in case your lips get dehydrated!
2. Oil blotting sheets: Because you'll get sweaty from dancing and as the night progresses, the oil on your face will build up! Eek!
3. House keys: Well, duh.
4. Cellphone: Remember to charge it well!
5. Cash: For emergencies.
6. Mints: Not gum, because then you'd have to find a place to spit it out later.
7. Eyeliner/other makeup items for touchup: This is purely based on your own needs. I personally just need to touch up on eyeliner sometimes so that's that.
8. Bandaid: Again, for emergencies! And shoes that haven't been broken in! :(

Sounds like a lot but it really isn't! All of these items are relatively small and if you find that you're having trouble putting them all in, use a sandwich bag to store your mints in place of the original box/container it came in. You can also just bring one or two bandaids vs. the entire package. As for the house keys, take them off the ring (if you have excessive keychains). And hopefully, that will save a lot of space!

Fingers crossed that this post was helpful~

Until then,

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