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by - May 25, 2012

I was at Old Navy with my mom the other day and she was browsing through the clearance kids' section for some clothes to send to our little cousins in California. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed looking through the merchandise, picking out outfits, and just remembering what it was like for me as a kid.

I think children's clothing has progressed and changed (of course) a great deal since I was young. All I can really remember is corduroy overalls and sailor dresses but a big majority of children's clothing now is a mini imitation version of their adult counterparts. That, and graphic tees.

So from this little experience, I decided to sift through a few online websites to see what kinds of kids clothing was offered. I was hoping for a little more creativity but the adorable scale of the clothing makes up for it, I guess? Granted, I didn't do extensive research or anything so my thoughts on this could be completely skewed.

If you have a kid, a sibling, a cousin, or anyone in your life who is much younger than you, then this post might help you come up with some ideas for presents and such.

Otherwise, please think of this post as one for your viewing pleasure! Because the clothes are just so darn cute.

Knit Denim Romper from The Children's Place $12

Little Marc Jacobs "Karlita Ruffle-Front Shimmer Cardigan & Miss Marc Peek-A-Boo Dress" $70, $80

Elaine et Lena "Vitoria Cotton Voile Jersey Dress & Londrina Ruffle Bloomers" $45, $7

Helena "Floral Print Dress" $112-$131

Cach Cach "Giraffe Beanie Cap, Giraffe-Patch One Piece & Giraffe Blanket, Infant" $25-$28

Burberry "Mini Gabardine Shortsuit" $281-$318, $93-$108

UGG Australia "Lil Chuck Boot" $45

Gucci "Coda High-Top Lace-Up Sneaker" $235

Even though I love shoes to death, my favorite part about children's apparel is the dresses! I almost can't wait until I have my own kids... Well, maybe it's too early for that? {laugh laugh}

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  1. These are so cuteee! :) xxx

    1. right?? I think my favorite is the giraffe one. :')



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