Sexy Shoe Pornage

by - April 21, 2012

If it isn't already obvious...I love shoes. I wish there was a job where all I would do is try on shoes and touch shoes and stare at shoes and breath shoes.

So today, I found a couple of awesome looking shoes to share with you guys!

They are (depending on your budget) a little expensive but, to me, shoes are an investment. If I'm spending the money, they better be something worth buying and something that will look good forever. I'm EXTREMELY picky when I buy shoes. It drives my sister nuts because we always go shoe shopping together and I almost always never buy anything... And then the shoes that I do love, I wear until they die and shatter to pieces.

But enough of my shoe rant. Here are the pictures!

Dolce Vita "Baxter" $189.00

All Caps "Amaranth" $334.95

B Store "Patty 1" $479.95

Dolce Vita "Girtie" $189.95

...I definitely have to own these babies one day.

Finsk "116-107" $689.95

Jeffrey Campbell "Rock Me" $159.95

This one is a no brainer. I love Jeffrey Campbell.

Matiko "Havanna" $219.95

Sam Edelman "Yelena" $134.95

AHHHH. How wonderful are they.

Until next time,

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  1. A good selection of shoes i see, i think due to the Jeffrey Campbell upkeep many other shoe designers have started to try more dramatic and unique designs to keep up! Which is great as we have a larger range to select what shoes we want to buy!! YAY.

    1. I totally agree!! It makes me v.v. happy :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! i'm super glad you enjoyed them!

  3. Great choices! I definitely need to learn how to walk on these amazing shoes. I'd carry them out every day :)

    1. thanks! and i don't think i could ever wear half of those shoes. the angle is too crazy for my feet!

      flatforms forever :)!!!

  4. wow- i need some of these shoes! the first and the last one are my favourites. perfect selection.
    maren anita

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    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

    1. thank you, lovely! i'm really digging the first pair too!


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