Oho, Spring Trend!

by - April 26, 2012

Hello all of you fashion-fierce readers.

I'm officially going home next Friday. It's almost unreal but I'll be happy to start summer. Which also means, tons of time to post stuff! Yay.

Today, I wanted to share this trend with you guys. I'm sure you all have seen this around and it's not a current trend (well, most trends usually aren't new anyway) but it's just really cute. At first, I wanted to focus on flattering silhouettes because A-line dresses tend to look quite nice on most people. But then I found more and more dresses with the side cut outs and I thought this would be a much more interesting topic.

Some people might not feel totally comfortable with it but I think if it's paired with some sheer black tights, the little cut outs could actually be very seductive... in a subtle way and not a "here's my cleavage" way.

Classy guys, we like keeping things classy here.

I'm also sure there will be people who think that they can't pull it off because they have stomach fat. Not true! I haven't seen anyone do this yet but there are LOADS of body suits that suck ya right in and they come in so many different patterns and colors now. Layering that underneath the dress would give it a cool effect, with the pattern peeping out but still keeping all the goodies settled in.

Trend alert?

What do you guys think about this trend? Any thoughts on how you would style it??

I hope you enjoyed this post, like all of my other posts.

Until next we meet,
{kissy kissy}

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