How to Answer Weird Interview Questions

by - March 29, 2017

This may not happen at every interview and it certainly depends on the culture of the company but from time to time, you may come across a really bizarre interview question. Your first instinct may be to freeze up and resort to 'I don't know' but don't!

How calmly you deal with curveball questions will be the key to overcoming them. The worst thing that you can do is not even try to answer it.

Here are five WEIRD questions that may come up in your next interview (or you can just read these for fun):


1. Give me five ways that you can use a chair besides sitting.

A chair can be used as a step stool, as a part of building a blanket fort, as something to lock a door, as a table, and as an art piece.


2. How would you measure the weight of something without using a scale?

You can use a seesaw method. Place item A on one side and then take something that you already know the weight of and stack multiples of item B until they balance out. Then from there, you can calculate the accumulated weight of the B items.


3. How would you sell hot cocoa in Florida?

Since Florida tends to be a warmer climate, most people would reach for a cold drink. In order to sell a hot drink, I would make sure the selling environment is cool. That could mean turning up the AC in a restaurant or decorating with cool colors like blues and purples.


4. What do you do if an employee approaches you about a colleague that has bad body odor?

Body odor can be a sensitive topic and you don't want to come off offending your colleague. You should tell the employee to speak to the colleague about it but in a tactful way. For example, instead of pointing it out as an issue with that colleague, the employee can say he or she was having a problem finding a deodorant that worked for them (maybe they were discussing going to the gym).

The colleague may agree and say that he or she has a similar problem. In that case, you could bond by recommending the deodorant that ended up working for you in combating odor.


5. If a hippo falls into a hole, how would you get it out?

Since hippos are quite heavy, you will need some kind of tool that can handle its weight. I would use a crane or something similar to lift it out. The other option would be to dig until it forms an incline from the hole to the surface so that the hippo could just walk out.

What are some strange questions you've gotten at interviews and how did you tackle them?

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  1. I feel like some of these questions would be asked on Ellen lol.

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I'm starting the process of finding a job. But I'm not sure if I would be able to answer to those questions while I'm feeling nervous hahahaha

    1. I know what you mean, it's so easy to get thrown off when interviewers ask questions like that but just try your best!


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