Wardrobe Tip NUMBER 2!

by - August 05, 2012

As with at least 50% of my posts, inspiration strikes most when I'm shopping. Forever21 is probably the place to go if you want to buy trendy and kind of inexpensive clothes. So, while I was browsing through the sale section, I found this really sheer maxi dress with no slip underneath and thought, how would anyone wear this without flashing their goodies to the entire population?

Here is where the second wardrobe tip comes in and it branches off of the first one, which was versatility.


Holy smokes, how many times have you heard someone say "this piece is great for layering" or "I would love to layer this over this"?? Probably more times than you can count with your fingers AND toes.

But layering truly is a way to take pieces in your closet that have been worn to death and turn them into fresh new outfits. It's wicked useful, especially if you're low on money but still want to have fun with styling and creating different ensembles.

The whole concept of layering is probably best used during the Fall and Winter when you want to stay toasty and warm but not look like an oversized marshmallow that's about to combust (You know...those 50 lb jackets that your mom used to force you to wear when you wanted to go play in the snow for fear of catching some deadly cold).

BUT, that totally doesn't mean you can't layer in the warmer months.

To layer in Spring and Summer months, simply use lighter fabrics. Tada.

ANYWAY. Let's get back to what I was saying earlier.

- Awesome for summer because it's freaking hot enough to melt your skin off. But let's keep it classy by wearing a bodycon dress underneath. I especially recommend ones that are strapless just because I think the silhouette looks better but if you're not comfortable with that, then, of course, wear one with straps!

- Wearing a bodycon dress means you can accentuate your figure AND play around with patterns.

- Some maxi dresses can be very flowy and shapeless so by wearing something that really cinches you in, your figure won't be lost. Let's say you are absolutely worried about the dress being TOO wide...wear a belt!

- If you aren't normally comfortable wearing bold patterns or just think it's too much, then wearing it underneath a sheer dress can help tone it down.

Here is an example! (Just for the purpose of visuals, I'll be using all F21 products but you can get things like this virtually anywhere now.)

Polka Dot Sweetheart Dress


Sheer Lace Back Maxi Dress

- Ok, scenario #2: You have a crap load of bodycon dresses in all colors and patterns. You're going out. It's girls' night. It's a little breezy but you really don't want to wear anything heavy like a blazer or cardigan. What to do?

- Grab a sheer sleeveless shirt dress or just a shirt tunic and play around with complementary patterns and different hues.

- This can be an alternative to an oversized sweater, which is what I would opt for if it was a winter look.

- If it gets warmer somehow later in the evening, the shirt is sheer and light enough to just stuff it back into your purse or clutch. Easy!

Example time!

Strapless Bandage Dress


Geo Print Trapeze Tunic

- Summer time is the time for see-through, cropped clothes. I get it. I'm guessing for most of those tops, people like to style it with bandeaus or bustiers or just plain tank tops. Cool.

- But another fun way you can wear them is by layering them over a romper/jumpsuit/playsuit, whatever you call them!

- I especially love wearing cropped shirts over dresses or in this case, rompers for movie dates because it gets cold in there but wearing a sweater is a little impractical if you plan on being outdoors afterward.

- By wearing a romper in a fun floral print or maybe even just a simple polka dot print, you can show off the print AND the back design of the top you're wearing without revealing any excess skin.

For example...

Polka Dot Print Romper


Dotted Swiss Tulip Back Top


Double Bow Back Tank


Lace Back Trapeze Tank


Last thing before I go! These tips can be used for other pieces as well. If you're going to the beach and you want to wear your bathing suit ahead of time, an open back shirt plus some denim shorts and you are good to go!

Bodycon skirts are also amazing for layering. Try wearing them under a shorter but fuller skirt! It has a peplum-esque effect!

You get the point.

Well that's all I've got for today. I hope you enjoyed reading it, as always :)

Until next or whenever,

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  1. wow. the outfits looks amazing! find your blog very interesting and cute!


    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it :)


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  3. Great ideas, lovely post and blog doll :)

  4. Great tips! I always struggle with backless things, so this was a great read :)

    1. I'm seriously glad that this post was helpful because I never know if I'm just wasting my time writing pointless things haha :)



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