WHOA: Gummy Bears

by - July 19, 2012

A few days ago, I posted something that I wasn't too impressed with so to counterbalance that, here is a lovely post on a McQueen inspired gown made out of...


Actually, 50,000 gummy bears.

Wanna see it in all its gummy glory? Click here!

This stunning piece was created by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi for TWELV magazine.

This gummy sensation weighs twice as much as I do at a whopping 220 lbs...

Now you might be thinking...how did they put all those bears together? Well, each gummy bear was glued onto a vinyl sheet...by hand.

I am floored, not only by the creativity but also the commitment that it must have taken to make this garment.

Bravo! Love it!

Until next,

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  1. I say only....WOWWWWWWW!!!!!
    i follow you on GFC!!

    1. So unbelievable, right? :D

      thank you!



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