July 4th~

by - June 28, 2012

For those of you planning to celebrate July 4th, here are a few outfit ideas that incorporate the Independence Day spirit! These are perfect for sitting on the grass watching fireworks or mingling with friends at a bbq.

July 4th!

If you'd like more details about each specific piece of clothing or accessory, please visit my polyvore at asmallbit.polyvore.com!

(From left to right)
a) Super casual! The denim skirt gives it a down-to-earth feel while the tucked in t-shirt and belt still help maintain your womanly silhouette.
b) The cute American flag graphic is slightly faded, making it look worn in and comfortable!
c) The color of the sneakers helps brighten up the look a bit, making it more appropriate for the summertime.
d) If you find that it starts getting chilly at night, throw on a navy cardigan! The color will complement the yellow and the denim perfectly.
e) Star shaped earrings are a cute way to incorporate that aspect of the flag into your outfit if you're opting to wear a plain t-shirt.

a) This outfit was inspired by the colors of the flag but rather than using the normal red and royal blue, I chose colors that were more summery and more in trend.
b) The polka dot pattern gives the look a bit more umf and is also kind of retro.
c) To pull the outfit together, I added polka dot flats but using a polka dot pattern that's subtler and has a solid color tip to mimic the match between the polka dot top and solid color shorts.
d) To bring out the white dots in the blouse, I chose pearl earrings.

a) Kind of a stretch from the original American flag theme but I decided to use striped shorts in a light lavender color to represent the stripes on the flag.
b) The denim corset creates a nice solid contrast to the lighter colored shorts.
c) Since it's denim, the corset looks less risque and can be worn to many events but you can always throw something over it if you think it's a bit too inappropriate for family events.
d) I opted for JC wedges because they elongate the legs and the mint color complements the lavender quite nicely. To me, this color combo is supposed to be reminiscent of the red and blue found traditionally in the flag but that might be a little too off?
e) I added a bracelet that did have the traditional colors, just in case it didn't look patriotic enough! :)

a) Crop tops are the epitome of summer and this pinkish reddish colored one is a great option for those who like it simple.
b) Instead of going for stripes, I decided to pair this solid tee with a small polka dot skirt that has bows going down the front. It's extremely girly!
c) Nude pumps with an ankle strap will elongate your legs and make it a little easier to walk while the peeptoe adds a feminine touch to the outfit.
d) The outfit can't be complete without matching bow earrings, of course!

a) This last outfit is one of my favorites because it does use the classic red, white, and blue color combo.
b) I wanted it to look a bit edgier so I thought the silver skull ring would work nicely.
c) The silver tone of the jewelry matches the silver hardware on the shorts.
d) The black wedges bring the bright colors together but I will advise people to be careful when walking in these types of shoes! You can always switch this for black flats!

I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be safe and have fun on Independence Day! :)

Until next,
{kiss kiss kiss}

P.S. If you'd like to see what I'm wearing for Independence Day, please check back on my blog next week :D!

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  1. The last outfit also is my favorite! Colors used and just the combination of things is perfect!

    xx Brigita

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    1. Thanks, i'm glad you liked it!



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