50 Random Facts About Me!

by - May 06, 2016

Hi guys,

I feel like my entire week has been nothing but research and writing and I am so ready for the weekend. Almost done with this last paper and then I'm freeee...for like a week. Haha, summer session is coming up so soon but it's the last bit I have before I'm done with the grad program. I thought it would be a nice change to do this post (although I might have done something similar a while ago?). Hopefully we'll get to learn more about each other :)

Thanks for visiting my page if you're new and if not, thanks for always coming over to give it a read/leave a nice comment. I appreciate all of my readers! With that said, let's get this thing started!


1. I am turning 25 this year. Feeling good but also scared b/c in another 5 years, I'll be 30. Gasp.

2. I am a graduate student, specifically studying Communication. Do I like it? Yes. Do I wish school was cheaper? Yesss.

3. My favorite color is black but if you ask me to name another one, I'd say blue.

4. I am an older sister. Sometimes it's nice but I find that there's a lot of pressure being the oldest.

5. I really like hiking but I don't go often enough!

6. I've never liked the beach, mainly because of the sand. and people.

7. I can't swim very well but I'm sure I'd find a way if my life was in danger.

8. My favorite American dessert is brownies!

9. I hate leaving my toenails unpainted because I don't really like feet and also it looks weird all naked.

10. I should drink more water but I hate drinking water when I'm not eating anything.

11. I love puppies and kittens and all baby animals but ask me to touch one and I'm out.

12. I'm allergic to a few fruits and I'm totally okay with that.

13. I prefer wearing leggings to sleep because loose PJ pants always ride up on my leg when I move around in bed.

14. I always always always wear socks with my sneakers unless I'm only going to be outside for like 5 seconds.

15. My favorite flavor of yogurt is raspberry!

16. I secretly like Girl Meets World, even though it's pretty cheesy.

17. New pillows freak me out, especially firm ones. Flat pillows forever.

18. I love blueberry muffins! and scones.

19. Potatoes are da bomb, in all forms.

20. I think self-help and inspirational books are fun to read.

21. Mystery novels and films and shows...ugh I CANNOT get enough!

22. Art museums are one of my fave places to visit.

23. I hardly ever get haircuts because I'm scared they'll mess it up.

24. I prefer earbuds over headphones.

25. Anything medical related horrifies me: doctors, dentists, eye doctors, hospitals, etc.

26. I'm a total goofball around people I'm close to.

27. I used to hang out with breakdancers.. tried a bit. never again.

28. I love cleaning out my closet!

29. My favorite kind of music is R&B but I'll listen to anything as long as it sounds good.

30. I was scouted to be a model when I was a kid.

31. I did ballet for two weeks and was like #bye.

32. My favorite class in high school was art class.

33. I'm a creature of habit so when I find something I love, I use it until it's literally worn to death and even then, I
hesitate to throw it away.

34. I enjoy journaling. There's something therapeutic about putting your thoughts on paper.

35. I have quite a bit of social anxiety but I try not to let it get to me!

36. I would consider myself a visual learner.

37. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher.

38. I've been wearing glasses since the 4th grade. Contacts? No thanks.

39. My dance moves are out of this world (or that's what I'd like to think).

40. I've been traveling with my family since I was a baby. I've been to quite a few places but there are so many more on my

41. I regret not studying abroad when I was still an undergraduate.

42. I can speak two languages : Cantonese and English.

43. I can somewhat understand basic Japanese. I also used to learn Italian but that's like way over my head now.

44. Peppermint tea is my favorite hot tea. Passionfruit tea is my favorite iced tea.

45. I have like six of the same bras in different colors from Aerie. It's the only kind I'll wear.

46. I'm not the kind of person to run after a bus if it's leaving.

47. I love singing but I've never been to karaoke.

48. I would like to have 2 kids someday.

49. The idea of commitment (to anything) scares me but also excites me.

50. I have moments where I am extremely anal about organizing and other times when I just don't care.


Can you guys relate to any of these things? Leave it down below! What's one fun fact about you? :)

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  1. I wish you the best with your paper! And you certainly look so much younger! I as well love hiking but I do try to go hiking as much as I can. Also, peppermint is my favorite tea too! It's like the best one out there. Couldn't live without it really, haha.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thanks Leta! I actually finished and got my grade back already. Pretty relieved that this semester is over :)
      I get that a lot! Always carded for drinks + people think my sister and I are twins even though she's like four years younger than I am.
      Peppermint tea is definitely the best one out there! It's so calming :)

  2. I can't relate with you to these facts, but I loved reading it!
    I always think it's very interesting to learn these ''funny and strange'' facts about someone. You inspire me to do the same!


  3. Number 13 all the way! People thinking I'm crazy but I can't handle pjs bunching around my legs! Love reading fun facts about people, always entertaining :)


    1. Hahaha oh my goodness, yesss! Someone else who understands the pain of loose pjs :)


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