Graduation Gift Guide 2016

by - April 30, 2016

Hello my dears! Can you believe it's already the end of April because I seriously can't. It's just about time for graduations and parties and all that good stuff so I thought I'd bring to you a gift guide for those high school/college grads in your life! I'm also having a hard time finding the perfect gift and figured that I can't be the only one struggling. Whether you have a lot of money or don't have much at all, here is a nice variety of items that may work for you.

If you have any other gift ideas, please let me know down below!


UNDER $50: "I'm eating-from-the-dollar-menu broke"

(1) Magical Thinking Good Vibes Pillow
(2) Personalized Tumbler
(3) Inspirational Calendar
(4) Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera Case
(5) Brushed Steel & Leather Business Card Holder
(6) Garden Custom Stamp

These gifts are great whether your friend or family member is dorming after high school or getting a new apartment after college. Fun pillows and calendars as well as any other general home decor item can be a wonderful gift. They'll think of you every time they use it! Items like business card holders can also be great for networking through clubs or through work. For the photographer in your life who wants to document special memories, a cute instax carrier is perfect! Last but not least, my favorite, personalized stamps are a beautiful present because he or she can use it to send letters and packages back home. It's also really nice if they have moved to a new city or place to add a personal touch to all kinds of mail and commemorate the move!

UNDER $100: "I make a few extra bucks on the side"

(1) Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker
(2) Cheero 6000 mAh Danboard Power Bank
(3) Beats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Headphones
(4) Personalized Rocks Glasses
(5) Kate Spade Cedar Street Rose Passport Holder
(6) Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

My sister actually has the Bose speakers and I can safely say that they were the best gift. She loves using it to listen to music in her dorm room, jamming out with her friends. Along the same lines of music, good quality headphones can be a great gift. It can be used in the library to zone out other students studying or used on the commute to work or school. And of course, if he or she is using it to listen to music on a phone or tablet, a power bank might come in handy! This cute one can charge two devices...perfect for tech savvy graduates and also great for making friends. Know a guy who loves drinking? Just graduated and now has his own place? Personalized glassware can be so posh (also useful so other people don't drink out of your glass). For those who are planning to study abroad or travel a lot for work, a passport holder can be a wonderful present. It's functional but also pretty! Duffel bags also make great traveling items (or double as a gym bag/laundry bag/weekend bag).

OVER $100: "I'm balling and flaunting it"

(1) Movado BOLD Watch 25mm
(2) Vitamix Pro 750
(3) Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza Bifold Wallet
(4) Ted Baker Adira Colour Block Shopper Bag
(5) Ted Baker Alanie Hanging Gardens Suitcase
(6) Fitbit Blaze

There are certain accessories that can really amp up your professional game and watches are one of them. I like this sleek silver one because it's not too thick of a band and it's a color that works with every outfit. Next, a good blender is all the rage. Eating healthy is so important whether you are living on your own or tempted by the endless meals in the cafeteria. A fancy leather wallet can also be a great gift because it's something that can be used everyday and it looks so chic! Same with a good tote bag. Carry it to class with notebooks or to work with's a staple. A suitcase can be a bit of a splurge item but having one handy makes traveling a breeze. I especially like carry-on sized suitcases because checking in luggage is a nightmare. Lastly...gotta work off those extra pounds put on by freshman fifteen or because you (or your graduate friend) has been binging on takeout food. A fitbit is great for the grad who likes working out or needs motivation to work out!


Are you considering buying any of these for your friends who are graduating? Or maybe you are about to reach that milestone and would like one of these gifts for yourself. I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave it below as always :)

*** This post has updated links as of 2017. Some of these items are no longer available but I have linked similar alternatives! ***

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  1. I love the little subtitles for all the different price ranges haha! I need that camera case for my Instax x

    1. haha thanks cara! glad you enjoyed :)

  2. Great stuff! I love that you put the price ranges, really cool idea :)

  3. I've also been taken by surprise at how May has suddenly arrived haha! I love your gift suggestions, particularly the Beats by Dr Dre headphones - dreamy!!

    1. so true! i love the rose gold color :)

  4. Wonderful blog! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  5. this is an amazing guide!! :D

    Have a great week ahead!
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  6. Nice stuff. Love your gift suggestion.
    Good vibes, FOX
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  7. these are too cute!! xo


  8. this is awesome! a couple of my friends' siblings and some family members are graduating this year. except for maybe paying their student loans, these gifts would be so awesome!

    1. yay! my boyfriend's sister is graduating college this week, which is what inspired me to do this post :) and i totally agree! i wish someone paid off my loans as a present haha :'D

  9. Funny enough, I just 'officially' graduated from Sixth Form a few weeks ago...Did not get anything this cool though. Just firm handshakes and warm hugs hahaha

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Oh my haha well warm hugs are always appreciated :)

  10. I love the idea of getting them travel gear since a lot of recent grads celebrate by traveling abroad or with friends. Also, the polaroid camera is perfect! :)


    1. Thanks!! I know so many friends who are still doing a lot of traveling a few years after graduation so I think travel related gifts are def a must!

  11. These are the cutest gift ideas! I love the personalized tumblers and instax camera case especially. :)


    Looks by Lau

    1. I love the instax case! So useful esp if you love polaroids :)


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