On The Runway Fall 2013 RTW: Rogan

by - April 22, 2013

Before I start the actual post, I'd like to make a statement about what happened the past week in Boston. I'm almost positive that I've never talked about where I'm from in this blog but here it is. I was born and raised in Boston and attend college very close to where the incident on Friday happened. Because I had never in my wildest dreams imagined this to unfold, I was feeling pretty scared and uncertain of what was going on. I am sure that for people directly involved in the incidents the whole ordeal must have been 1000 times worse. Therefore, I'd just like to say that I am very proud of how the Boston police force handled this and I pray for the families of the victims. I genuinely hope that no one has to go through this ever again.


Okay, now onto the real deal!

This is the second part of the On The Runway Fall 2013 RTW series, focused on the Rogan collection. While many people would probably not give this a second glance, due to its laid back and earth tone colored nature, what caught my attention was how wearable everything was.

I know, I know. For some, a wearable collection might be boring to look at compared to a couture collection but these are the types of clothes that I love the most for the autumn season. You think, cozy, comforting, and casual.

As Style.com describes the collection, it has a very unisex uniform type of look. I do think that there are elements that add femininity to it, which make it appear more put together and purposefully done.

Finished yappin'. Let's get onto the garments!!

Click here if you'd like to read the full review OR see the entire collection.


1. The beanie is literally the best accessory for that urban grunge "I don't give a damn" feel and I think it works beautifully with this garment.

2. The jacket is a fun geometric spin on the traditional camo jacket. It has a cleaner look that balances out the softer, more natural shape of the neckline.

3. Almost looks like something from the Men's section of Urban Outfitters. But I kind of like that...who's with me?!


1. Again with the hat. I love it.

2. The "colorblocking" effect is adorable especially because the line between the top and bottom color is curved, giving her a more feminine silhouette.

3. Buttons! I love that it goes from the neckline to the hemline. Gives the garment a little something something extra but isn't an overboard detail.

4. The shape of the garment isn't too boxy or bulky.


1. I would definitely say it's a love or hate piece. I personally love it. Reminds me of overalls but more military uniform inspired and maybe a little safari-esque.

2. Bonus points for the belt. I think keeping it within the same color family helps it not look quite as harsh but it's a little bright enough to break up the khaki green.

3. The little bit of skin showing above the ankle boots is the perfect boundary between cute and frumpy.

4. Samesies with the ankle boots.


1. The draping details add fluidity and this overwhelming sense of comfort.

2. The little thumb hole in the sleeves is an adorable feature.

3. The grey color, although neutral, almost has enough punch on its own to really brighten up the outfit, which would otherwise be completely green-based.

4. The black boots seamlessly flow from her tights, giving her longer legs. Love!


1. Layering is a no-brainer for the colder winter months but I like the idea of layering short sleeved sweatshirt type things with longer sleeved pieces. It's very casual but note the little slit at her elbows. Now that's a winner.

2. I like her pants. I think the vertical lines add the slightest bit of texture and the little colorblocked patch at the bottom is subtle but cute. Plus, the color kind of matches the color of the tops.


1. This really reminds me of a revamped version of the hoodie and sweats combo. Obviously, she isn't wearing sweats but it has that same feel.

2. I like that lines on the front of the hoodie, creating that X shape. It's a little bit different than your average Joe sweatshirt. The fit also adds to the not so frumpy dumpy look that sweatshirts can often have.

3. White pants or white anything will make it much cleaner.

4. Perfect choice of shoes. Not as harsh as a darker brown or black boot. And the socks. I think it's always important to accessorize and I enjoy that this isn't overly cluttered in that sense.


As always, I hope you liked reading this. Let me know if you like this series idea and maybe anything else you'd like to see me write about. I'm open to suggestions :)

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  1. I love your review of each of these! I'm loving that hat in the 2nd one too. The 4th one is really cute too, I love the draping. It's so different.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks! I genuinely appreciate it :) I think draped garments are just so easy on the eyes, love it.

  2. amazing review!<3


  3. Great outfits :) I like the 2nd and the 3rd specially.


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