Accessories To Love: Tattoos and Animals?

by - January 07, 2013

Tattoo tights have recently gained more and more popularity, seeping its way into the wardrobes of fashion Youtube gurus. Ideally, these would be worn during warmer months, just because of how sheer I imagine the tights/pantyhose are. The prints on the actual tights vary, depending on where you buy them but the one I've seen most frequently is the gun pattern.

Romwe: Gun Print Nude Tights

The toughness/badass nature of the pattern probably appeals to a lot of girls who like the juxtaposition of feminine pieces and bolder ones. In that sense, I can see why they're so popular.

Of course, there are other ones like this, with cats and stars.
Romwe: Cat Head Five-star Print Nude Tights

...and ones like this with fake blood.
Romwe: "Red Splashed Ink" Apricot Tights

The second accessory that I've been semi obsessed with is the hat with ears. Hands down, so cute. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I think it can add a whimsical element to an otherwise bland outfit.

Romwe: Bobble Black Hat

I could easily see the black hat being worn with an all black outfit. It would add so much more dimension, in addition to texture.

and then there's this one with the cat ears (gyah!)
Romwe: Cat Ears Leopard Hat

or this!
Asos: Fur Ears Cossack Hat

and this adorable little creature.
Asos: Mixed Knit Bear Beanie

As always, let me know down below what your thoughts are. Any in particular that you liked?

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  1. I think both these trends are really cute, especially the tights, but I can't pull them off :/ Boo, sad day.

    1. why not?? I think you'd pull them off fine, especially since you wear skirts so often!

  2. Replies
    1. i'd love to see how you style the hats!

  3. hehe I have those gun tights! love the other tattoo ones but I think they're too cutesy for myself!

    Metallic Paws- giveaway up on my blog!

    1. :o they must be so much fun to wear!

  4. Those are such lovely and quirky pieces! Nice tights!

  5. I need that first pair of tights in my life! So amazing!

    1. I know! I keep seeing them everywhere and now I realllllly want a pair too!


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