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by - February 14, 2017

Hey guys~
So I decided I'm going to try to stick to a Tues/Sat posting schedule, just because it's easier/less pressure. This way, I can hold myself accountable to produce content but it'll give me enough time in between to decide what I want to talk about.

Today, I wanted to share a couple of animes I recently watched/am watching that you might like. If you like anime too or want to share some of your own suggestions, leave them in the comments below!



I recently finished this series after seeing Crunchyroll make a short video about it. I definitely wasn't expecting much, at least not from the summary, but it turned out to be a really good anime. There was laughter, tears, drama-- I couldn't ask for more. The premise isn't the most unique. Some small time god actually used to be ruthless. Some high school girl tries to save him, gets hit by a car, and her soul is forever 'loose' from her physical body. They go through some stuff on their journey to figure out how to stop her supernatural situation. Blah blah.

What I really loved was the main characters' relationship with one another. You can tell they genuinely cared about each other, even if it wasn't on a romantic level. Plus, the idea that spirits could become weapons and the internal battle they experience when they realize they're much emotion. It's a must watch!


In almost every romance anime I've watched, the physical intimacy is usually PG-13 or very 'fake'. Don't get me wrong, I still love them. But it's hard to find a show that portrays realistic relationships-- the insecurities, the loneliness, the emotional strife, the physical acts. THIS ONE HAS IT. Okay so a quick summary. Mugi and Hanabi are dating because the people they actually love don't love them back. They have a mutual understanding/arrangement. Things happen, people are betrayed, drama abound.

Yes, there's a lot of sexual scenes in this...between adults, students, friends, etc. If you've seen Bokura ga Ita, you'll remember there were quite a few sex scenes as well but Kuzu no Honkai takes it to the next level. What's remarkable about this particular anime is the character dynamics and relationships. You can see how painful a one-sided love is and how desperate people can be when they experience the pain of solitude. I feel so sad watching this anime but at the same time, it's given me so much appreciation for the people in my own life.


This wasn't even on my original list of shows to watch but I decided to give it a try because comedy and school life are two of my favorite genres. It's another supernatural type anime-- these demi-humans have different peculiarities and try to get through school/daily life. The main guy teacher is interested in demis and interviews them while helping to solve their problems.

It's still an ongoing anime but so far I really like it. The humor is up my alley (it has a slapstick vibe). I'm not sure that there is much to say about this but if you're in the mood to watch a lighthearted anime, this might be a good one for you. Apart from the supernatural bits, it's pretty similar to many other school life shows. I say that but I'm pretty excited waiting for new episodes to come out so that should mean something, right?


Nyanko Days is kind of a joke, if I'm being honest. BUT! If you love cats and cute things, then you'll love this short series. This girl has three cats that look like tiny cat girls. They speak but behave like actual cats. It's a very fluffy just melts my heart and I'm sure it'll melt yours too!

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  1. i'm not an anime addict but they seem interesting to watch! :)

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  2. great post!
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