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by - November 17, 2016

We could spend all day eating but you're probably going to want to do some touristy things and visit some landmarks and such. Here's the continuation of my guide to Seoul with places that might be interesting to see during your trip there! Let me know down below if you have any questions or if you're planning to visit Seoul any time soon :)



There were a few that made the top of my list but overall, I enjoyed all the places I went to in both trips.

First- the Seoul Trickeye Museum is kind of a very hyped place to visit when you're in the Hongdae area but I think it's totally worth it. Like I said, it's located in Hongdae. I recommend going to the area to shop, eat, and then take a break with this museum. Unlike other 'museums', this one is dedicated for picture taking. The actual location is a bit tricky so definitely whip out your phone and use the GPS.

If you're coming out of HONGIK UNIVERSITY STATION, EXIT 9, head in the direction of Han's Deli (mentioned in earlier post) or past Adidas. Instead of turning left, take a right down until you see Bershka. Head straight down into the road with all the street clothing shops. After a few shops, you'll see on the right this really small alley that leads into another street. You can turn in there OR turn at the end of all the shops to the right. There will be another alley that you can head into. You'll know it's the right one if you see a waffle stand and other food shops! Keep walking straight until the end of the street (sort of). It's on the left corner. If you take the earlier small alley, take a right at the end and keep walking straight down. Same deal; go straight and it'll be on your left.

The admission is about $15 USD per person but it lets you into three attractions: the trickeye museum, ice museum, and carnival. The carnival wasn't really worth it because if you want to play, you need to pay AND call an attendant over. Kind of annoying. But the other two were so much fun that I overlooked the third being a downer. One tip that I can give you is to use the lockers at the front desk to keep your jackets and bags so you can be hands-free to fully enjoy the museum. Just remember to take them back when you go into the ice museum. It's SUPER cold inside.

Address: 20 Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul


Second- Naksan Park. I loved walking here, though the walk up is kind of steep. Once you get to the top, though, the view is just stunning and I bet at night, it would be even more beautiful. There is also some kind of art or mural walk nearby if you want to visit that while you're in the area.

Get off at HYEHWA STATION, EXIT 2. As soon as you get off, you'll see this small shopping area, which is nice to explore before you head up to the park. From here, I just followed my GPS but here is a link with more info: here.

Address: 54, Naksan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul


Third- Gyeongbokgung Palace is basically on every tourist's itinerary. It's cheap (no more than $3-4 USD) and close to other attractions like Bukchon Hanok Village and Insadong. The experience isn't mind blowing but it's pretty interesting to see the palaces up close. It also makes for a very scenic walk! If you rent a hanbok, the admission to the palace is free. Bonus! If you go on Cultural Day, admission is also free. Keep your eye out for the guard changing ceremony and for when the 'king' and 'queen' walk by.

Right next door is the National Folk Museum so feel free to hop over (admission is separate, I think) if you're looking for something else to do.

This one is pretty easy to find, since it has its own station, GYEONGBOKGUNG PALACE STATION, EXIT 5. You can also get off at GWANGHWAMUN STATION, EXIT 2. I have also gotten here from ANGUK STATION before, just by walking. It's not a super short walk but if you want to visit Bukchon Hanok Village first, it's doable!

For more info, click here.


Fourth- DDP or Dongdaemun Design Plaza. When I came here the first time, we got to look at the exhibitions where people or brands were selling products. Everything was adorable and fun to see, even if you didn't want to purchase anything. The space itself is architecturally pleasing to the eye and great if you're looking to get away from the cold or heat outside.

It's also quite popular during fashion week; something to keep in mind!

Get off at DONGDAEMUN HISTORY AND CULTURE PARK STATION. There's also quite a few shopping options nearby as well as the Cheonggyecheon Stream.


Fifth- Emart is a must on my list. It seems weird to include a supermarket but if you like grocery shopping or just looking at food, I definitely recommend this. It's in the Sindang area, which is well known for its Tteokbokki Alley so if you're stopping by to eat some, check out the supermarket too! My boyfriend and I came here so often during our trip; I felt so sad to leave!! Emart is basically like a Walmart, Target, and Costco combined but with a clean, supermarket atmosphere.

There are a couple of food options nearby, including Pho Mein, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Paris Baguette, etc.

Get off at SINDANG on the green line, EXIT 2. Walk straight until you pass a small supermarket. Keep walking straight but stay closer to the left side. You should pass a fried chicken restaurant and a small hotel. Head straight into the back alley. DO NOT head directly left or right from the hotel. Just keep going straight until you see another hotel (I think it's called Rio?). Take a right into that small parking area until you get back onto the main street. From there, take a left and just keep heading straight all the way down. You'll reach a huge building with a coffee shop outside. That's the building! Head inside and follow the signs to Emart (you'll have to go into the door and past the Baskin Robbins and then go downstairs).


Sixth- Totoro Store. There's actually a few of these but I went to the one in Hongdae. Same deal. HONGIK UNI STATION, EXIT 9. Not for everyone but if you like Studio Ghibli, this is a place you should put on your list! Products a pricey but you'll end up walking out with everything...too cute to resist.

For this one, you'll head out of the station, turn left, and walk straight down toward Han's Deli and keep walking straight all the way down until you reach a big main street. Another way to get here is to head to Hongik University. When you get to the main entrance, take a left and go straight down the street until you see it.

Address: 110, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Seventh- Bukchon Hanok Village. This is mainly a place for people who like taking pictures and enjoy old architecture. You'll swoon over this place. It's almost surreal. For this, you'll get off at ANGUK STATION, EXIT 2. There's also a samgyetang restaurant that I liked nearby called Baengyeon Samgyetang. If you have time, def try it out.


Eighth- National Museum of Korea. They filmed Running Man here before, hundreds of episodes ago. If you like history, this is a no brainer. This museum is unbelievably clean and HUGE! Also, it's free!!

Get off at ICHON STATION, EXIT 2. The museum is connected to the subway, super convenient.


Ninth- Seoul Zoo. It was kind of nasty, tbh, because we came in the summer. The weather was humid and there were bugs everywhere. However! The cable car ride made the experience worth it. You ride on these open benches across a body of water and you get to see some animals from above! The ride isn't free but I recommend getting round trip tickets. It was a lot of fun and so many opportunities for selfies :)

The zoo itself is pretty extensive in terms of animals. The llamas and alpacas were my favorite! Be aware of the show times if you're interested in seeing those.

Admission is cheap ($4-5 USD). Get off at SEOUL GRAND PARK STATION, EXIT 2.

In my next post, I'll talk about transportation as well as a few other general tips I have to make traveling in Seoul much easier!

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