Outerwear for Warmer Months/Update

by - June 08, 2013


It finally feels a little more like summer. People are breaking out their sandals and sunhats...just enjoying the fact that they no longer have to confine themselves to bulky jackets and thick socks. Wahoo!

But here where I live, summer nights tend to cool down quite a bit. Although I no longer have to wear heavy jackets or layer on the sweaters, I still need something to protect myself from the wind or just the cooler night air in general. I have always loved cardigans as an option for outerwear for those nights because it's easy, casual, and comfortable but lately, I have been really into varsity jackets, too.

What kind of outerwear do you guys prefer to wear during summer nights? Or is it too warm at night where you live to really wear anything?

Side note~

I will be going on vacation for about a month and I highly doubt that I'm going to have enough access to technology to blog sooo.... ack. Goodbye! Have a lovely summer or winter or whatever season it is where you are!


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  1. summer nights here pretty much suck as much as summer days do. i will say, though, they are slightly cooler, but shorts and a light cardigan will do just the trick :)


  2. i like to wear denim jackets and cardigans on cooler nights :)
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