Couture: Lovely Picks

by - July 29, 2012

New York Times has posted a few articles on the couture collections and while there were a load of gorgeous pieces, only three or four really caught my eye.

1) Bouchra Jarrar's Sleeveless Khaki Jacket

2) Raf Simon for Dior

3) Valentino

4) Jean Paul Gaultier


1) Honestly never heard of Bouchra Jarrar but the jacket looks impeccably made and so chic. I could picture someone walking down the streets of New York City with a pretty chignon and terribly long eyelashes, strutting with this awesome jacket.

2) LOVE! The silhouette reminds me of old school Dior and it's just so feminine but not in a little girl way.

3) Beautiful. It's a work of art sculpted around the model's bod. The piece has a somewhat vintage vibe because of the color palette but it still looks modern.

4) I couldn't stop staring at this because of how wonderfully fitted the garment is. Tastefully sexy? I suppose that's the only way to describe it. Probably not something I'd wear outdoors...unless I had some sort of maxi skirt on and it was a level 200 formal event. You know, the kind you see in movies where people are stuffed into suffocating gowns and are pretending to eat food.

What do you guys think about these couture pieces? Do you love them as much as I do?

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  1. the Gaultier piece is out of this world!


    1. My eyes keep fixating towards the lace on those cups and seriously, the hat or head accessory is so bizarre but somehow, it still looks amazing!


  2. Wow look at the heavy embellishment on that Valentino dress. Such craftsmanship, it's wonderful.

    Sophie x

    1. Absolutely; my hands would probably disintegrate if I ever attempted to make something like that and even then, it wouldn't come close to how gorgeous the Valentino one is!



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