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by - April 10, 2012

Yay, fanfare for blog post #1!

If you follow me on Tumblr (and you should!), then you'll already know that I go by the name Jenn. I'm from the east coast, where weather is unpredictable 100% of the time. It's pretty nifty. In September, I will officially be 21 years old, which is beyond crazy. I do attend college at the moment as a Fashion Merchandising major but fashion isn't the only thing I love.

Eating and staring at gorgeous pictures of food are also some of my favorite things to do even though I can't cook to save any lives (I'd just like to apologize to my future family in advance...). One day, I would love to study the Japanese language and culture because I'm a total anime nut! (Virtual thumbs up if you agree!) Oh what else.

Well, if you're wondering why the title of my blog is "Chīsana Blogger" or as Google Translate puts it, "小さなブロガー", it's because I tried to do a spin-off title of my Tumblr (asmallbit.tumblr.com).

Why is my Tumblr called asmallbit? Well, I actually started off thinking it would be completely fashion oriented mixed in with bits and pieces of my own life. As I began using it more and more, I noticed that I was reblogging and posting more things like food, anime, and kpop music. The name became quite appropriate since my blog became a little bit of everything that I enjoyed.

As for "Chīsana Blogger", I guess the main reason is because I'm short! {cue laughter}

But on a serious note, I think the name fits perfectly; in this fast paced world of technology, everyone has a blog now. Really, I can only think of myself as a tiny part of that huge pool of social media hullaballoo, a "tiny blogger".

Although I will continue to post fashion pictures and other exciting things on my Tumblr, I'm hoping to make this blog completely dedicated to fashion and all that I love about it! If you like my writing style and love what I post, please let me know and let your friends know too! After all, fashion was meant to be shared :)!

Until next time,
{kissy faces}

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